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The simplest way is a reservation for one year. Use our introductory offer with following flatrates:

  • 100 EUR per keyword/term (e.g. Fermentation)
  • 750 to 1.500 EUR per subcategory (Waste engineeringy)
  • 2.000 - 3.000 EUR per category (Waste)

Prices vary with the number of articels available in the different categories. Feel free to submit a tender.

Specific billing:
Charges for the activation of your cuadro are:

  • 10 cent per view; that is when your cuadro is displayed in accordance with the chosen keywords...
  •  ... plus 1,00 Euro when an interested person clicks your cuadro and is connected to your webpage.

With higher fees per click (in increments of 5 cent) you obtain preferences over other cuadro customers, that means, the visualization of your cuadro will be on the top of the webpage. You will only be charged the same fee of the next cuadro user plus 5 cent.

Costs must be afforded by Corporate bodies. Prices will include Taxes (VAT) valid on contracting date.

For reasons of fairness each cuadro user ist counted only once per session (á 30 min).

Total costs will be limited to your determinated budget.

For agency commissions please refer to Mr. Werner P. Bauer, e-Mail bauer@ia-gmbh.de